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YongShing Precision has a reputation for brake clutches

Report by FU-AN CHUANG 2019/05/21

  • Large-scale industrial machinery such as stamping, forging, screws, papermaking, textiles, canning, etc. must be able to operate continuously, safely, stably and with high efficiency, and a powerful pneumatic brake clutch is indispensable. Under the leadership of Chairman HSIU-TSANG HSU and his son CHI-HAO HSU, the YongShing Precision Machinery team has established a Jiazi to continue to invest in R&D and innovation to produce quality comparable to European and Japanese imports, but the cost performance is higher than the other's industrial powerful pneumatic brake clutch. It has obtained cross-strait stamping and forging. , Screws, paper and other large industrial machinery users designated and adopted, repeated orders continue.
  • YongShing Precision Machinery can become the evergreen tree of Taiwan's precision machinery industry today, and firmly establish its position as a leading brand in the market. The main reason is that the company attaches great importance to product quality, performance and after-sales service. For example, the production of castings required for brake clutches has complex structures. The appearance is large and thin, and the initial production failure rate is quite high. After searching for it, YongShing spent about ten years looking for a foundry to continuously research and improve before it went into production smoothly.
  • In addition, including springs, air seals and other important components, the company does not hesitate to use imported goods or self-developed material formulations at high prices, so that the products can display high performance and high reliability and gain a good reputation.
  • Another related company of YongShing Precision Machinery-Gakin Logistics, is also the leading brand of plastic products such as plastic pallets, plastic boxes, plastic baskets, logistics boxes and outdoor leisure tables and chairs in China. CHI-HAO HSU, deputy general manager of Jiaqin Logistics, said that the company provides complete after-sales service from mold design and manufacturing to merchandise sales, and even customers' special needs can be met. He promises customers that all products will be sold after they are sold. It can be recycled and reused to avoid increasing the burden on the environment and fulfilling corporate responsibilities. Only today can it become a leading manufacturer in the industry.